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About myself

My ancestors were Jews, but I was not raised in the Jewish Faith. My father was an atheist, and mother was an agnostic. I respect the Jewish Faith, and realize that, if the Xians get their way and come out of the closet and reveal their true Nazi identity, that I would be taken along with the rest of the Jews and executed. This is the harsh reality. I found this forum while fighting Xians on another website, because I was looking up information here. I am by faith, a Metaphysician, a so-called  "New-Ager". By ancestry, I am a Cohen.  the rumor that I am a "Lamed-Vavnik" is probably false.  I operate on a background of logic.  I think that God probably spoke to Moses, and gave Laws, which are found in what is now the Torah. I feel that Creation really happened, but I am certain that Evolution is inherent in Biblical teachings. I think that 99% of Xian thinking is total nonsense, and that "the enemy of my enemy is my friend", which is why I am here.  I write articles on mystical subjects on the internet at:

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